Corporate Finance

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Corporate Finance

Capital Raising

SAFIC specialises in raising debt and equity capital for growing businesses in Africa, be it for organic expansion or acquisitions. SAFIC is experienced in mobilising local capital markets and international capital, including DFIs, private equity and global corporations, for businesses and projects in Africa


SAFIC is qualified and experienced in carrying out independent company valuations, advising both the sellers (issuer) and buyers (investor), each keen to extract best value from the transaction


SAFIC is well equipped to advise companies execute their divestment from non-core businesses or investors such as private equity funds seeking to execute an orderly exit from their investment

Project & Infrastructure Finance

SAFIC advises governments and other project sponsors in large infrastructure projects, from the appropriate PPP structure to managing the capital raising process and the identification of strategic partners

Corporate Restructuring

With many years of business experience, SAFIC boasts a wealth of knowledge and capability in providing innovative restructuring solutions to clients, from strategic restructuring affecting the underlying business model to capital and debt restructuring

Mergers & Acquisitions

As industries grow and mature, companies must often consolidate to remain competitive, either through mergers or acquisitions. SAFIC is uniquely positioned and equipped to assist, from identifying potential targets to executing the transaction

Other Services

SAFIC also offers research services and international business development, identifying and securing strategic partners, as well as promoting and developing export markets for local SMEs while assisting international businesses find new markets in Africa

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